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Why you are never going to regret taking pregnancy photos

1- You will forget what it is to be pregnant

If this is your first child you probably won't believe us, if this is your second or third you know exactly what I'm talking about!

You will forget the feeling, you will forget the inconveniences, you will even forget how round and prominent your belly was.

What will remain, however, are the portraits of you as a future mother, radiating love and gentleness, to the height of your femininity. And they will make you relive all those moments.

2- Your children will be so happy to see you pregnant

As we know, children love to look at our photos, and seeing you pregnant with them is going to be a wonderful legacy to pass on. It will definitely strengthen your ties and create some great discussions and lots of questions.

3- You deserve to treat yourself

Mama, please think of yourself!

It is very true that a child changes your life, they can also change the relationship you have with yourself and it is far too easy to forget yourself!

You owe it to yourself to take this opportunity to treat yourself to a pregnancy session! Whether it's just beautiful portraits of you or photos bursting with happiness with your partner.

Take the time to prepare yourself, to let your photographer make you feel divine, and to mark this experience forever.

4- This is a unique opportunity

Every pregnancy is unique and although the 9 months can seem long and difficult at times, there will be no other opportunities to capture this adventure in such a special way.

You will just regret not doing it