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What to prepare and bring for a newborn session?

Updated: Sep 1


Accidents happen. Always be prepared.


It is best to dress the baby in loose, comfortable clothing to avoid imprints on their delicate skin and also to make it easier to undress them.

It is also advisable not to attach the diaper too tight for the same reason.

Bring a change of clothes for you, your partner, and your baby.

There are always moments of little accidents when parents pose with their baby naked, so an extra outfit will come in handy.

Stay neutral in the choice of colour, white and beige are always favorites.

Also note that the studio is set to a temperature of 26 degrees to keep the baby warm. Plan to wear layers so you can take them off and be comfortable.


Between poses and putting on accessories, the baby can get a little fussy.

It is important to minimize this and maximize baby's comfort.

That’s why I recommend and encourage you to bring a pacifier - even if this is the only time you will use one.


I recommend to feed baby when arriving to the studio, that way the baby will be nice and full, it will help them to stay sleepy for their session.

If you are breastfeeding and are not 100% confident yet, you can also bring a bottle of pumped milk or formula (just in case).

We want everyone to be relaxed and well fed! No stress in the studio because of the milk!


Bring any drinks or snacks you or your family could want or need - especially you, mommy!


If older siblings are participating in the session, make sure you have activities for them.

There is a waiting room with chairs, bring toys and books to keep the kids occupied, there is also an outside area at the back if you want to bring a ball or other.


I'll select a few based on your colour scheme and preferences. If you have a special family heirloom, accessory or outfit that you want to incorporate into your session, it will be great to include it, just remember to let me know in advance.