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5 reasons to do an engagement session

1- Get to know your photographer

Of course, we've already met before your engagement session, whether in person or via video, it already gave you an idea of ​​what working with us will look like before you even engage.

It is absolutely essential that you feel comfortable and confident with the photographer (s) you choose, this will not only influence the experience and outcome of your shoot, but also take a considerable amount of weight off you. D-Day!

Photography is a real human experience, and like everything, you have to build a connection!

2- A practice before the big day

You are not the first for whom a photoshoot is a first!

And as you will be trying on your outfits several times, tasting all the dishes and doing a hairstyle test before D-Day, you should also do a photo test, the reason is simple: After this wonderful day, the photos are one of the only things. that will stay.

Pssst .. besides, it's really fun! Even for Monsieur for whom it is, most likely, not the dream activity.

With a mix of ultra natural and guidance from us, we do everything to make the session intimate and light, and you don't have to think about what to do with your hands or which way to look.

3- Take the time to celebrate and have fun

The time between your engagement and your wedding is really a sweet part of your life together and although you can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the wedding preparations, a couple shoot is a great opportunity to have a good time together. and create new memories.

4-Use the photos for your invitations or for your decoration

A fantastic way to add a personal touch to your invitations is to use your beautiful engagement photos! There are several different elements that you can incorporate them into, for example, invitations, RSVPs, menu cards, hotel accommodation directions and listings, envelopes and address labels.

Not to mention the many ways in which you will be able to use your photos during the wedding, such as on programs, making a photo wall, in a slideshow.

5- An opportunity to take photos that look like you

We love to advise doing an activity that is unique to you or going to a place that is dear to you. Whether you are the type to hike in the woods, share your favorite pizza every Friday, go crazy for music or want to take your photos at the chalet where you spent your childhood. All of these things that represent you will make your photos unique and we want to give you the chance to include them.

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